Hunting Cameras for Filming Deer

A lot of avid sportsmen use a to film deer in their natural habitat starting a couple of months before deer hunting season. There are a few good reasons for doing this.

First, it’s good for a hunter to know what the deer population is like before the season starts so getting some good videos of the deer population and movement ahead of time will help you get a feel for where in your favorite hunting spots the most deer are.

Also, you want to set up your tree stand in the most populated areas and using a couple of strategically placed hunting cameras will let you know the best location for hunting.

If you’re using the still shot option on the camera with the motion sensor, it’s best to leave the camera in the same location for a few days to see what the deer activity is in that area before moving it.

Taking some photos in a few locations will help you decide where you want to set up your hunting spot for that season.


You want to get a camera that gives you sharp photos no matter what time of day it is and one that doesn’t make a lot of noise when it takes the photo so as not to scare the deer away from that particular location.

Usually a flash with night photos may make the deer look toward the camera, but they won’t run from it because the camera should be hidden, plus it won’t have any human scent on it.

It’s also a good idea to buy one of the hunting cameras that are camouflaged so it blends in with the environment and isn’t so conspicuous.

You really don’t want the deer to be able to see it because they may start nosing around it to see what it is. So you want to stabilize it in but also hide it so it’s not something that looks out of place to the deer.

Another feature that you obviously must look for when you’re shopping for hunting cameras is a motion sensor because you’re not going to be out there yourself taking the pictures.

Basically, from my experience, this is the only way to get good shots of the deer at night. Once you set up the camera and leave, the motion of the deer when they’re near the camera will trigger the camera to take the photo.

You want a camera that gives sharp photos day and night, easy to operate and camouflaged so it blends easily into its surroundings.

And to save money, it should be a video camera that also has the still shot photograph option.

One of the better hunting cameras is the “Primos Truth Cam 60 Camera.”


This model camera gives sharp photos day and night, it’s easy to operate and since it’s camouflaged, it blends easily to its surroundings.

The Primos is also known for its trigger quality so you won’t get any false triggers.

So if you’re looking for one of the better hunting cameras that won’t let you down and will help you get ready for the next hunting season, stop by and pick up this handy camera!

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